Shankarabharanam – Press Note

sankarabharanamShankarabharanam is a movie with an interesting title that brings back a lot of memories. This movie is a crime comedy that has been recently released in the year 2015 with the lead star cast – Nikhil, Nanditha Raj, Anjali, Rao Ramesh and Sampath Raj. The movie has been written by Kona Venkat and directed by Uday Nandanavanam.

The movie has some foot tapping tunes composed by Praveen Lakkaraju which was a rage throughout the year. The brief appearance of Anjali has a major impact in the entire movie and has garnered special appreciation.

“Shankarabharanam” is a crime comedy thriller movie set in the crime backdrop. The movie revolves around the story of an NRI (Nikhil) who visits Bihar to sell his maternal property. He faces threat from multiple kidnapping gangs. How he saves himself will form the laugh riot. Shankarabharanam has a story track that the audience appreciated very well as it proved to be a new concept like a breath of fresh air as compared to mainstream cinemas. With a lot of twists and turns in the story line, it is sure to keep audience glued to their TV screens.

Watch the movie premiere of Shankarabharanam on Zee Telugu this Sunday, June 19 th 2016 at 6 PM.

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