Brahmotsavam Movie Live Updates

03:15 AM : Some heavy scenes between Mahesh and Rao Ramesh in Pranitha marriage. Mahesh sentimental dialogues and Rao Ramesh repents knowing some of things Sathyaraj did for him though he walked out of house

03:05 AM : Mahesh and his mother goes to Pranitha (Rao Ramesh daughter ) marriage reluctantly. Mahesh touching footwear scene

03:05 AM : Search takes both to Bangalore. There they meet whole troop who comes door Pranitha marriage. Rao Ramesh gets a meaty role

02:55 AM : Mahesh and Samantha are on the move looking for their ancestors. Some good dialogues regarding family values.

02:40 AM :Search takes them to Lilly (Vennela Kishore) couple of comedy scenes

02:30 AM : Ancestors Search takes both of them to Nagpur. First fight of the movie with Posani men to help his aunt

02:25 AM : Mahesh and Samantha start pursuit of seven generations , which was projected as main point of movie.

02:20 AM : Comedy during pooja is repeated in second half and falls to evoke laughter.

02:16 AM : Getting all too common now. Kajal, Pranitha and now Samantha tries to woo Mahesh

02:13 AM : Samantha entrance as sisters friend. Brings a big group of strangers with her

Interval report : Brahmotsavam songs are superb on screen, in first half all 4 songs are outstanding. Maheshbabu appears career best looks , But scenes or story connecting all above is absurd and mindless. Director doesn’t know what the heck subject he dealt with. No two sentences have connectivity. No two words in a sentence have connectivity.

Rao Ramesh revolt scene worked out very well. Mahesh Rao Ramesh Satyaraj excelled. Interval block is excellent

02:00 AM : Interval with heavy dose of sentiment. Mahesh show all the way and kajal and Pranitha get limited screentime. Movie just goes on a slow pace and there are no”high” points that we typically see in commercial movies.

01:55AM : Rao Ramesh sees kajal and Mahesh going together. He has been seething with anger for a while and raises his voice on Sathyaraj, Sathyarajand Mahesh father sentiment scenes. Satyaraj talks about important of family relationships.

01:48AM : Kajal tells she is uncomfortable in big family settings and she wonders if they are right fit.

01:40AM : Family goes on a to tour and ‘Ee kshanamannadhi nijame ayithe’, song

01:35AM : Pranita flirts with Mahesh, but Mahesh and Kajal are together. Rao Gopal Rao talks to disgruntled Rao ramesh in background

01:29AM : Full of father sentiment dial effing Mahesh asking God sister to chime back from abroad

01:23AM : Alele Alele sind shot with Kajal and Mahesh. Movie in Vijayawada backdrop till now

01:15AM : Naidorintikada song time. Full of sarees. 12-15 women on screen. Resembles some of Venki movies in 90’s

01:10AM : Kajal about to leave to Australia and stays in Mahesh’s village for free days

01:05 AM : Rao Ramesh shown as disgruntledman miffed as he doesn’t get enough attention

12:57 AM : Some shot well. Mahesh Pranitha Natesh sayaji shinde etc dance to tunes. Set like colorful and we’ll designed

12:50AM : Full of colors and screen full of actors. Good dialogues. Magadu vanda aalochistaadu manam valla gurinchi aalochistham

12:40AM : Show Time Brahmotsavam .

11:00 AM: US Premiers $216k from 100 locations as of 1230AM EST

10:00 AM: US Premiers $203k from 97 locations as of 1215AM EST

9:30 AM: US Premiers $175k from 89 locations as of 1145AM EST

9:15 AM: US Premiers $157k from 87 locations as of 1030AM EST

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