A..Aa Telugu Movie Review

Cast: Nithin, Samantha, Anupama Parameshwaran, Nadiya, Rao Ramesh, Ananya, Giribabu, Praveen, Avasarala, Ajay and others
Music: Mickey J Meyer
Cinematography: Natarajan Subramanian
Producer: S Radhakrishna
Story, Screenplay, dialogues and direction: Trivikram

Trivikram Srinivas family entertainer A… Aa has released today world wide. It stars Nithin, Samantha, and Anupama Parameswaran in the lead roles. The film started with a wave of positive viewers and let us go into the details..

Story:- A..Aa Telugu Movie Review
Anasuya(Samantha) is the only daughter of Naresh(Ramalingam) and Nadhiya(Mahalakshmi). Mahalakshmi dominates Anasuya life and fixes her marriage with a rich guy. Anasuya did not like this and comitted suicide attemps. Her fathr Ramalingam recognised her agony and advised her to spend some time in her aunts house .
This is the time where Anasurya meets Anand(Nithin) and falls in love with him. There are may twists, when Anand is forced to get married to Naga Valli(Anupama Parameswaran) because of his personal problems.
Rest of the story is as to how Anasuya deals with her angry mother and sidelines Nagavalli to win her love for Anand.

Performances: A..Aa Telugu Movie Review
A..Aa is another clean movie from Gurujee Trivirkam . His magic and punch dialogues made the movie a neat and beautiful family drama. You can feel the happy moments in the movie and you will be engaged with the proceedings. Nithiin has given his best performance , his dialogue delivery was impeccable. He plays a subtle character and not once does he goes overboard in his role. His chemistry with Samantha is adorable.

A..Aa is Samantha ‘s movie. She is the heart and soul of the movie and her simple expressions, helpless state before her mother, she does a perfect job. We can see her self confidence and composure as Anasuya and a new angle in her performance.

Mallu Girl Anupama Parameswaran makes did a fabulous job and her cute expressions ares showcased well. Other than the above, the one person whom we should adore is Rao Ramesh’s performance . He is at his best and his performance during the climax is hilarious.

Naturally , actor Naresh is superb character artist and he showed the same in this movie. His shouldered the film in many areas in the movie and his behavious with Samantha is awesome. Music is yet another asset of the film as all the songs have been neat and extremly beautifyl.

Technical Aspects:- A..Aa Telugu Movie Review

The Camera Man Natarajan Subramaniam camera work in A..Aa is top notch and is one of the highlights of the film. We can have breath taking visuals in this film. Rich Production values and Trivikram made use of Village background fully.The locations of Pollachi have looked completely new and even more beautiful.

We can not say much about Trivikram.Screenplay is , dialogues are quite meaningful , satirical and created right impact.Once again Trivikram proved with his magic on celluloid.

Verdict:-A..Aa Telugu Movie Review

As expected, Trivikram once again showed his grip on Script, dialogues and narrated this sparkling family drama with some delightful and entertaining elements. “A Aa” is a pleasant movie with , beautiful cinematography, nice music, and terrific chemistry between Nithin and Samantha. A clean family entertainer.

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